Digital student organisation fair

Due to the pandemic and restrictions on events, this years student organisation fair will be an online event on on the 26th of August. The goal of the event is to give all the student organisations a chance to promote themselves and recruit new members. Normally, this event takes place every autumn at the Student center and is coordinated by UiB.

This year student organisations from all the educational institutions in Bergen, are welcome to participate. All organisations are invited to upload a short video, which will be part of a film where new students can get a glimpse into the organisations’ activities. Below you will find detailed specifications and tips for the video.

Length of the video 

15 – 20 seconds. 


The video you upload has to be edited and ready for broadcast. The file should be Mpeg4, and in 16:9 (landscape). But we can work with other files as well if needed.  


Consider your audience; A student who doesn’t know what the organisation does or how you can become a member.  

The location for the video can be inside or outside, as long as the light and the quality of the audio is good. You can either use a phone or a camera for filming.  

Existing promotional videos can be used, as long as they are not outdated and they are cut down to 15-20 seconds. 

How to upload the video to Dropbox:  

  • You don’t need a Dropox account to upload. Remember to name the video Student organisation xxx. After uploading, you wil not have editing access. If you want to make changes, you will have to upload a new version and we will delete the old version. Upload to Dropbox 
  • Confirm you have the rights to use music and photos in your video. Go to form 
  • Deadline for uploading video is the 1st of August.  

Music and photos 

If you want to use music or photos in your video, always check that you have the legal rights to do so. If you do not know, or you are uncertain, use something else instead.