Finding part time work

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Finding part time work

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Advice from SAMMEN Career & Counselling on how to find part time work for international students.

SAMMEN Advice on job-hunting

Most employers in Norway require a good command of Norwegian and are interested in hiring employees who have the potential to work long term. However, it may be possible to find part-time, mostly unskilled jobs, where Norwegian skills are not a prerequisite. You may wish to focus on the following types of opportunities:

  • Cafes/Bars/Restaurants, Hotels, Cleaning agencies
  • Production/Industry/Warehouses
  • Paper route/Advertisement distribution
  • Souvenir shops, Tour Guide
  • International companies with English as working language

Search for jobs: 

Visit SAMMEN Career & Counseling

SAMMEN Career & Counseling is a service from the student welfare organisation in Bergen (SAMMEN). You are welcome to visit the Career Centre and look for job postings on their ad boards. You can also book an appointment with SAMMEN Career & Counseling here

Contact SAMMEN Career & Counseling

Telephone: 55 54 52 90 
Location: SAMMEN Career & Counseling's office is in the 3rd floor of the Student Centre (above the swimming pool).
Hours: 09.00-15.30 Monday through Friday. 15 minute drop-in sessions available weekdays 13.00-14.30.


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