Sammen Career & Counselling

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Sammen Career & Counselling

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Photo: Sammen

SAMMEN Career & Counseling is a service from the student welfare organisation in Bergen (SAMMEN).

Visit SAMMEN Career & Counselling

Sammen Career & Counselling (Sammen Råd og Karriere) is a free service for students in Bergen. Their career and counseling services include short-courses (in Norwegian).  Sammen Career & Counselling welcomes students to visit them for a 15-minute drop in session (weekdays 13.00 - 14.30) or to book a 45 appointment with a career counsellor (English is fine). Counsellors can help review your CV or job application and provide other career guidance. They provide information about local companies on request.

Sammen Advice

Sammen Career & Counselling may have helpful suggestions for finding jobs or careers. Read tips for job seeking in Norway based in part on Sammen advice here. They are also versed in the practicalities of finding work in Norway if you are an international student. Read information about working regulations for international students based on Sammen advice here. Looking for more assistance? You can book an appointment with SAMMEN Career & Counseling here

Contact SAMMEN Career & Counseling

Telephone: 55 54 52 90
Location: SAMMEN Career & Counseling's office is in the 4th floor of the Student Centre (above the swimming pool). 
Hours: 09.00-15.30 Monday through Friday. (15 minute drop-in sessions available weekdays 13.00-14.30).


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