A charming city

Written by: Study Bergen

Photo: Study Bergen

Bergen is known for the narrow streets, beautiful parks, open squares and wooden houses.

Bergen is often included on the list of world's most beautiful cities - both in National Geographic, Huffington Post and at Trip Advisor. It is probably the combination of nature and architecture that make the Bergenese so proud of their city, and that impress millions of visitors every year. Both the city centre and the suburban districts are surrounded by mountains and the sea on all sides and buildings extend from the beautiful seafront up to the mountain sides.

The city has a 1000 year old history, and a number of historic buildings from different periods are preserved. Bergen's oldest building is St Mary's Church from 1180. Together with medieval castle Bergenhus, they constitute the oldest part of the city. The historical city centre around the harbor also include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen, with trading houses in wood that served as the seat of the Germans during the Hanseatic period. Besides Bryggen, Bergen has preserved much of the characteristic old wooden houses which are found both in Sandviken, Marken and Nordnes.

At the harbor you will also find the Fish Market, which connects the historic centre with the modern city centre where you will find Torgallmenningen (the main square) and Smålungeren, an octagonal lake surrounded by the City Park. In the area around Torgallmenningen and Smålungeren are several of the important institutions and buildings in the city located: the Theatre, Library, City Hall, Courthouse, Art Museums and the Train station. Nygårdshøyden, where the University is located, is just a five minute walk from the main square and characterized by mansions and buildings from the 1800s and early 1900s, with the impressive Museum building at the centre.


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