Student Welfare

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The student welfare organisation, SAMMEN offer student housing, cafeterias, counselling services and sports activities.

The main task of SAMMEN, the student welfare organisation in Bergen, is to contribute to your well-being during your time as a student in Bergen. Once you have paid the semester fee you can enjoy all SAMMEN-services.

SAMMEN has over 4000 small units both within and just outside the city center. The price for a room is normally somewhat below market price. International students are given priority. 

SAMMEN operates 17 food and beverage outlets in Bergen, including all faculties at the university and the NHH. Here you can find a salad bar, a wide selection of sandwiches and a dinner menu in thelargest venues, as well as coffee, tea and cold drinks at a student friendly price. 

SAMMEN offers free psychological service and a provides access to a health center and reduced-cost dental care for students. 

There are 7 student gyms run by SAMMEN in Bergen, placed in the city center or at academic institutions. Prices are subject to change every semester. As of October 2017 the price is 1100,- 

offer both career counselling and personal counselling, for example regarding stress, motivation or economics. 

For more information about what SAMMEN can offer, visit their homepages


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