Bergen Student Food Competition 2011

Written by: Daniel Nygård


Would you like to compete for the culinary honour of your home country?

Bergen Student Food Competition has become somewhat of a tradition on the programme of International Student Day. Teams from different nations compete to make the best dish of the evening and the public gets a chance to sample a wide selection of international cuisine for free.

The competition takes place Friday 28th October at the Student Centre, and starts at 18:45.

1st Prize: 2500 NOK gift voucher for one of Bergen’s finer restaurants
2nd Prize: 800 NOK gift voucher for Peppes Pizza
3rd Prize: 'Norwegian Cooking' cookery book

There can be a maximum of 4 people per team, and teams will be judged on presentation, taste and the amount of food they produce.
Teams may be mixed nationality.

We can refund up to 450kr of the costs of ingredients for each team. (Reciepts must be presenteed, more information on sign-up).

Previous winners:
2010 Thailand
2009 Malaysia
2008 France

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