Beregn Student Food Competition

Photo: Utdanning i Bergen

Beregn Student Food Competition

Written by: Utdanning i Bergen

Photo: Utdanning i Bergen

October 31st: Compete for the culinary honour of your home country or taste lovely food from all over the world.

Bergen Student Food Competition has become somewhat of a tradition on the programme of International Student Day. Teams from different nations compete to make the best dish of the evening and the public gets a chance to sample a wide selection of international cuisine for free.

The competition takes place Friday 31st October at the Student Centre. It opens for the public at 19:00, but all teams should be in place by 18:30 for the judges. There can be a maximum of 4 people per team, and teams will be judged on presentation, taste and the amount of food they produce.
Teams may be of mixed nationalites.

1st Prize: 3000,- gift card to Potetkjelleren Restaurant
2nd Prize: 1500,- gift card to Salsa Bar and Grill
3rd Prize: 500,- gift card to Sirkus Escalon

Teams will be judged on taste, presentation of the table, presentation of the food on the plate, and the amount of food they make.
Teams are permitted to use more than than 500 NOK on ingredients. (But we will only refund 500NOK).
Teams can be a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 4 participants.

The Public
We expect between 100-200 people at this event, and our goal is that each member of the public should get a chance to taste at least two dishes. So ideally we would like each team to make at least 50-75 samples of the dish/dishes they make.

Refund of costs
We can refund up to 500NOK per TEAM (not team member) for the cost of ingredients.
In order to do this we will need:
* The receipts for what you have purchased,
* The bank account number the money is to be transferred to
* The name and address of the person who owns the bank account number.

Please note that we can not refund the cost of any alcohol you use cooking. If you can't present receipts for what you have purchased, we can't give you a refund. There will be no exceptions made!

Cooking facilities
Unfortunately we can not use the kitchen at the student centre, which means that you make the food at home. There will be a warming cabinet to put food in to keep it warm when you arrive.

We will supply the public with plates, knives, folks etc, so you don't need to buy these items. You should however bring your own serving utensils.

Other Practical information
The food competition starts at 19:00. But please have you table set up by 18:30 so the judges can see your table before the public crowds it. The judges will have their verdict ready around 20:30 - 21:00, and the top three team will then reiceve their prizes..

Due to fire regulations at the Student Centre, you will not be able to use any electrical equipment such as waffle irons, table grills and so on.

It is expected that each team clean up at their own station by the end of the event.


Previous winners:
2012 Mexico
2011 Iran
2010 Thailand
2009 Malaysia
2008 France

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