Bergen Student Skating

Written by: Michael Lyngstad


Join us for a day of skating and pizza at Iskanten Ice skating rink.

This is a great opportunity to take your friends on a different kind of activity. It also gives you a chance to meet students from other academic institutions and nationalities.


13:45 - 14:30 Registration
Show your student ID and semestercard, and you will receive a stamp on your arm.

14:00 The ice skating rink opens
Show your stamp at the counter, and you rent skates for free.

15:00 The pizza buffet opens
When you are tired of skating hand in your skates, and walk over to Peppes Pizza right next to the rink. By showing the stamp you can eat as much pizza as you like. (Please note drinks are not included).

16:00 The ice rink closes
Now it is time for the last ones to hand back the skates and move over to Peppes Pizza.

You are free to sit at Peppes as long as you like until they close.


Registration and payment

This is only available by credit card. Click here to buy a ticket

The cost of this event is 100,-. This includes access to the rink, skate rental and as much pizza as you can eat. Bus transfer back and forth to Iskanten is not included.

There are a limited number of places available.

Tickets are personal and cannot be sold on. Tickets are also non-refundable.

We have a small number of tickets available at full prize for students who would like to bring a non-student friend along. These tickets can only be bought along with a student ticket and at full prize. (170,-)

Study Bergen subsidises every ticket. Therefore the tickets are only available for students at one of our member institutions. Read more about that here.

How to get there?

Iskanten is located at Vestkanten shopping mall. Take bus nr 5 or 6 to Loddefjord Terminal. This takes about 10 minutes from Olav Kyrres gate in the city centre.


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