6th of October: Bergen Student trip to Ole Bull Museum - Lysøen

Photo: Study Bergen

6th of October: Bergen Student trip to Ole Bull Museum - Lysøen

Written by: Study Bergen

Photo: Study Bergen

Join Study Bergen on this trip to Lysøen outside of Bergen to visit the famous violinist Ole Bulls (1810 - 1880 home. 

The museum at Lysøen was the home of the violinist Ole Bull (1810-1880). It was built on the site of an old farm fromthe 1600’s. Ole Bull’s summer house on the island of Lysøen was built between 1872-1873 and is architecturally unique. On the 700 acre island, there is fantastic nature, 13km of walking trails and a viewing tower on the highest point of the island. 


Tickets and payment

Students attending UiB, HiB, NHH, KHiB, NLA or VID: 125,-

Students other institutions/PhD: 200,-

Non-students: 300,-

We have a limited number of non-subsidized tickets available for individuals who are not a student at one of the following institutions: UiB, HiB, NHH, KHiB, NLA and VID. These tickets can be bought at the same time as a subsidized ticket. These tickets are meant as a service for students attending the event, so that they can bring a friend, family member or student at another institution with them.

Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be sold or transferred to another person. Please read more about our policy on our web pages

Included in the ticket price:

 • Return bus trip Museplass/Buena quay.

 • Return boat trip Buena quay - Lysøen

 • Presentation in Ole Bulls Villa

 • A cup of coffee/tea and a waffle in the cafe


PROGRAM and practical information

The trip starts from Musèplass and goes via Fanafjellet to the Buena quay, where the group will be transported in two groups by boat to the island. On the island, there will be a presentation about Ole Bull’s life and the villa which he built on Lysøen. After the presentation you can walk around the house, take photos and appreciate the many nice details.

In the cafe a light lunch will be served (tea/coffee and a waffle). We recommend you also take a packed lunch with you. After lunch you can explore the island on your own. 

08:45 Registration at Muséplass (Bring your student-ID)

09:00 Departure from Muséplass (the buss will not wait)

09:30 Boat to Lysøen (Group 1)

09:45 Boat to Lysøen (Group 2)

10:00 Presentation in Ole Bulls Villa

11:00 Lunch*

11:30 Explore the island on your own

12:40 Boat back to the mainland **

13:00 Departure Buena quay

13:40 Arrival Bergen

** If you are late for the charted departure of the boat from the island, you will have to make your own way back to Bergen. 


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