Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Written by: Study Bergen


This Privacy Police concerns Study Bergen’s web pages. Study Bergen is data controller of the personal data which is collected on the web pages ( leads to the english section) and

What information is being collected?

Study Bergen does not collect national identity number or credit/debit card number.


Examples of information collected:

- name

- email

- Institution

- ip- address

We use Google Analytics to customise content and make our web pages better based on traffic to the site, search results i.e. Your Ip-address is stored with our internet service provider Keyteq and with Google. Your Ip-address will never be shared with third party, unless police authority or court demands it in special cases. 


Photo is both a private thing and also personal data. On many of our events we take photos of participants. We ask in advance if it is ok to publish them. But if you find any photos of yourself that you want unpublished from our web page or Facebook, please let us know and we will remove it. 

How is the information collected?

The personal data is collected through forms on our web pages. It is voluntary to add this information. If you choose not to add personal data, we will not be able to give you necessary information or service. 

Examples of forms:

- Competition

- Events

- Surveys


Why is it being collected?

- to give necessary information regarding events

- to draw winners in competitions

- to make standby lists for events as part of our safety rules


Who is collecting it?

Study Bergen is collecting the information for internal use only. The University of Bergen (UiB) is our provider of forms regarding events i.e boat trips. Personal data you give when attending an event, is stored on servers on UiB and is never shared with third party, unless they need it for safety reasons etc. 


Using your personal information

Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways, for example:

- Making complete lists for events where we need names of participants

- For competition draws


Who will it be shared with?

Your personal information will not be shared with third party if not specified in the form you are filling out.

Examples of third party:

- Concert venues that need names of winners in order for the winner to collect his or her ticket. 


Your rights

As a user of our web pages, you have the right to access personal data use and treatment.  If the treatment of personal data is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please contact Study Bergen. 


 Contact information

Utdanning i Bergen/Study Bergn

Tlf: 55589043/37


Utdanning i Bergen, Nygårdsgaten 5, 5020 Bergen


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