Trip with the Flåm Railway

Photo: Study Bergen

Trip with the Flåm Railway

Written by: Study Bergen

Photo: Study Bergen

Study Bergen's next trip goes to Stegastein and Flåm on Thursday 25 October. You are in for a beautiful scenery.

The trip starts with bus from Bergen, via Voss to Aurlandsvangen and to the fantastic viewing platform Stegastein (weather permitting). After a 30 min stop, the journey continues to the little village of Flåm nestled at the end of Aurlandsfjorden, a side fjord to Sognefjorden. Here you have 2 hours to enjoy the view and visit the museum if you like.

The main attraction of our trip will be the world renowned Flåm Railway which stretches from Flåm to Myrdal station 865 metres above sea level. Almost 80 percent of the journey is at a 55 percent incline, and one of the tunnels on the journey is formed as spiral in order to accommodate for this steepness.

At Myrdal there will be a short stop to change trains, and we will continue back to Bergen on Bergensbanen.


375 NOK for students attending UiB, HVL, NHH, NLA and VID 
650 NOK other students/Ph.D
850 NOK full price (Full price tickets are only available if you are attending the event as a guest of a student attending the event).


08:15 Registration outside the side entrance of Bergen Train Station/Hotel Terminus (MAP)
08:45 Departure by bus Bergen Train Station (We will not wait)
11:45 Arrival Stegastein*
12:15 Departure Stegastein*
12:45 Arrival Flåm
14:40 Departure with the Flåm railway
15:30 Arrival Myrdal
15:42 Departure Myrdal
17:57 Arrival Bergen

* This section of the trip depends on weather conditions on the day. If weather does not permit the trip up to Stegastein, we will arrive at Flåm earlier.


Unfortunately, if for some reason you are unable to attend after you have paid, we will not be able to refund your ticket. You can transfer your ticket to another person until the 19. october. The service costs 45,-. If the name change involves a change to a higher price category, the difference in ticket category must also be paid. No refund will be given if the name change is to a lower price category.


Please note that neither Study Bergen nor your host institution are liable, should you injure yourself, lose or have possessions stolen from you on the trip.


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