Norwegian ID Number

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Norwegian ID Number

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For many central transactions in Norwegian society you are required to have a Norwegian identification number.

Norwegian Identification Numbers

A Norwegian ID number is necessary for, among other things, working, opening a bank account, obtaining a student card or library card, and applying for a loan from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. There are two types of Norwegian ID, a Norwegian national identity number (or "personnummer") or a D-number (dummy number). Genereally, people staying in Norway 6 months or more, will be assigned a personnummer, those staying for less than 6 months will be assigned a D-number. Read more about Norwegian ID numbers at the website of Skatteetaten (the Tax Office)

Norwegian National Identity Number ("personnummer")

This number consists of 11 digits (your birth date + a 5 digit personal number). This  is assigned for life. 


A D-number is assigned to individuals who will be in Norway for less than 6 months (a national identification number must be applied for, and used exclusively, if the stay is extended). 

Applying for a Norwegian ID Number

It is possible to apply from abroad by contacting the central tax administration office in Oslo, but it is more practical to wait and contact the local tax administration office in Bergen upon arrival. The "Skatt Vest" office is situated right next to the train station in Nonnesetergaten 4. You can find updated information about the opening hours, etc. on


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