VID specialized university, campus Betanien

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VID educate nurses and offers clinical studies for international exchange students.


Campus Betanien was originally established as a nursing school educating nurses for Hospitalet Betanien, but has over the years evolved to become a university college. In 2016 they bacame part of VID specialized University. The clinical studies for international exchange students are within medical and surgery practice, mental health and home care nursing.

As a diaconal institution, the activities are based on Christian values. The nursing profile is based on diacony and ethics, charity to the human being, alleviation of suffering, protecting and encouragement of a holistic view on human life. One of the aims during the education is to focus on the importance of health workers having multicultural perspectives on health and disease.

Number of Students:

  • 350


  • Bachelor in Nursing
  • Postgraduate Studies in Cancer Nursing and Aging and Care for the Elderly





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