Jonas Alaska // Special guest Ingeborg Oktober

On March 14th Jonas Alaska with special guest Ingeborg Oktober are playing at Kronbar! Get your tickets now and come for an incredible night of music!

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    14. March 2020 kl. 19:00

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    80kr / 100kr / 200kr

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    Concerts & Music
The price when buying tickets at the door will be raised by 50,-.
Jonas Alaska:
Nostalgia, childhood stories, uncomfortable teenage moments, humorous considerations and both unreserved and miserable love. All these are themes in the lyrical universe of Jonas Alaska. He is one of these artists who truly reaches through the noise and encaptures the audience with his intimate songs and distinctive gitar playing. 
Since the release of his self-titled debut album in 2013, Jonas has won Spellemanns-awards and severeal stipends. He has played at most venues and festivals in Norway several times. He has toured internationally both on his own, and with Melissa Horn and Sivert Høyem. Alaska has brought us music you can cry, make out and dance to – and blast in the backseat of your car. Put shortly, Jonas Alaska is an artist it's worth knowing about, in concert and at home on your couch.
Jonas Alaska has become on of Norway's biggest artists within the singer/songwriter genre the past few years. He is especially known for hos strong, personal lyrics, combined with clever and often shamelessly catchy songs. He was a big success in Norway with his gold certified debut album, which was nominated for 3 awards, and he won a Spellemann for "Newcomer of the year" in 2011. His second album, If Only As A Ghost, was released in 2013, once again to great reviews from critics.
Ingeborg Oktober:
Ingeborg Oktober performs norwegian folkmusic in the form of pop, folk and rock, either alone with a guitar, or with tastefull and minimalistic comp. Her songs have been described as "beautiful, catchy melodies with lyrics that challenges the listener to listen extra close". She has several times been referred to as a talented lyricist and a innovator of the folk genre.
Ingeborg Tiltvik (b. 1994) performed her first concert as Ingeborg Oktober in 2010, and has since written and released two solo albums, Hjerteræk (2014) and Skjømmingsboka (2018), an EP and a number of singles. She won the Spellemanns-award  in Folk Songs for her second album, and is the youngest person to win the award since Lillebjørn Nilsen won in 1974. In addition she has also played a number of festivals in Norway, including ByLarm, Trondheim Calling, the Træna Festival and Arctic Sounds (GL).