Klubbkveld // Fredfades

  1. Time:

    13. September 2019 kl. 20:00 – 14. September 2019 kl. 01:00

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    50 kr / 75 kr

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    Concerts & Music
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Mention the name Fredfades in any record store with some serious soul and jazz sections, and chances are the owner will respond: "Oh yeah, I know that guy!". The scarily dedicated Norwegian record collector, DJ and music producer has spent over half his young life making speakers bleed one way or another.

Operating under the Touchdown moniker, Fred is a purveyor of rare boogie and leg-jerking electronic modern soul gems through his never-ending series of mixes and club nights. In addition to his prolific collecting and DJing, he's thoroughly been making his name as a producer in Hip-Hop circles as well.

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Door: 100 kr

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20 years / 18 years with valid student ID