Vivillain are finally ready with a new EP, and this has to be celebrated with a proper release concert!

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    4. September 2020 kl. 20:00

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    Concerts & Music
The concert will take place at Kronbar, and the rumor is the band will bring production on a bigger scale than Kronbar has ever seen.
With over 70 shows in 2 years, a tour in Germany, studio work in the USA and a kickstart in the festival market, the five band members have become known as an explosive and energetic live band. This is a band that must be experienced live, so this is something you can't afford to miss!
Vivillain releases their EP "Failures Fortune" in march, which has become the start of their already taking off career across streaming services with singles from the EP and an engaging music video - so far! 
Kronbar is an exciting venue with a high ceiling, located at Kronstad in association with Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. The old train building lends a rustic feeling in accordance with the bands own image, where they after warming up for Skambankt fell in love with the venue. It is no coincidence that this venue was chosen, and headroom is key. This concert will guaranteed bring you energy and musicality in strong harmony, so don't miss out!