TEDx Bergen. UNBREAKABLE: Overcoming Obstacles

2019 is TEDxBergen’s 10th Anniversary! Like every year before it, we’re excited to celebrate these ideas worth spreading with the community of Western Norway – this year on the theme: Unbreakable, Overcoming Obstacles.

  1. Time:

    19. October 2019 kl. 10:30 – 16:00

  2. Location:

    NHH, aula

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    Debates & Lectures
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UNBREAKABLE: Overcoming Obstacles

How do we maintain resilience in an increasingly fragile and complex world? To strengthen and uplift ourselves and our communities, we must always prepare for the worst, but think and act for something better. Being unbreakable means remaining undaunted by outside pressures in pursuit of passions no matter the odds.

On the 10th anniversary of TEDx, the 2019 TEDxBergen team is pleased to announce ‘Unbreakable: Overcoming Obstacles’, non-partisan talks on conquering the seemingly impossible.