Winter sports near Bergen

Photo: Furedalen ski resort

Winter sports near Bergen

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Photo: Furedalen ski resort

Want to enjoy the winter? Here are our tips to excursions in and around Bergen.

Because Bergen is so close to the sea, snow is unusual in the city even during winter. Normaly there are only between 10 - 20 days with snow on the ground. But do not worry - there are plenty of opportunities to experience the Norwegian winter.

Skiing in Bergen

On the City Mountains surrounding the city, the temperature is normally several degrees lower than in the city center. That means that while it can rain in the city, the precipitation can fall as snow at the mountains. At Ulriken (643 meters) the temperature is often 3-4 degrees lower and at Fløyen around 2 degrees lower than in the city.

Ulriken and Fløyen are the two mountains best suited for skiing, and are easy to reach because of the cable car (Ulriksbanen) and funicular (Fløybanen). At Fløyen there are lighted trails for cross country skiing, and the hills down to the city center are popular for sledges when the weather allows it.

You can also find several lighted trails airound the city, the most easily accessible is at Gulbotn, a 40 minute bustrip from the bus station by bus 925 or 930 (see

Ice skating in Bergen

There are two indoor ice skating rinks in Bergen: Bergenshallen (next to the stop Sletten at Bybanen) and Iskanten in Loddefjord. Bergenshallen is open Monday - Friday from 10 - 14, and Sunday 12.30 - 15.30. Iskanten is open from Monday - Friday 10-16, Saturday 10-18 and Sunday 12-18. 

There is also an outdoor ice skating rink at Slåtthaug (a 10 minute walk from the Bybanen stop at Skjoldskiftet). Slåtthaug is open from 9 - 22 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9 - 16 on Tuesday and Thursday, from 12 - 17 on Saturday and 12 - 20 at Sunday.


With two ski resorts and long traditions for skiing, Voss is a popular and one of the most established ski destinations in Norway. Voss also frequently host World Cup Events. The temperature at Voss is normally several degrees lower than in Bergen. You can take the local train from Bergen to Voss (1.5 hours - see or travel by bus (1.5 - 2 hours - see

Read more: VisitVoss


Kvamskogen is the most popular winter destination for the inhabitants of Bergen, only 1 hour drive away by bus or car. Here are two ski resorts and also prepared cross country tracks. Some of the higheste peaks are 1300 meters above sea level, making the area colder and snowier than Bergen. There is a ski bus to Eikedalen, the largest ski resort, and also regular bus to Kvamskogen (bus 925 or 930 - see

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