Byparken ("The City Park")

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Byparken is located in the center of Bergen. It encompasses a pond as well as a Music Pavilion and their surroundings. It is famous for its flowers, statues, and the Music Pavilion. 

About Byparken

Byparken is Bergen's first public park. It was built as a part of new regulations put in place in 1855 in reponse to one of Bergen's many historical fires. The park is considered to be the entire area stretching from Strømgaten (the street Bergen's Public Library is on) to Olav Kyrres Gate. Christiesgate, a large street, divides the park into two sections.

One side of the park features the bybane light rail stop and the Music Pavilion, a gift to the city from a businessman named FG Gade in the late 1800's. The other side of the the park is home to Festplassen and a pond called Lillegegårdsvannet. Festplassen (literally "the party place") is an open-air gathering place used regularly for many different events and celebrations including the Norwegian Consitution Day (17th of May), and the annual Christmas gathering called Lysfestivalen ("the Festival of Light")Lille Lungegårdsvannet (literally, "little lung farm water") is directly connected (now via an underground channel) to Store Lungegårdsvannet (store means "large"). They used to be connected above ground and together they made up a much larger lake, but as the grew city the lake was filled in somewhat. Now Lille and Store Lungegårdsvannet appear to be two separate bodies of water, despite their underground connection.  Lille Lungegårdsvannet is also referred to as Smålungeren ("the small lung") in the local dialect.    

In fair weather, you may see people gathering at Byparken to study, picnic, run around the pond, have rallies and demostrations, and much more.       

How to get to Byparken

Byparken is the Bybane's last stop in the city centre. You can use the the Skyss Travel Planner to plan your trip (destination "Byparken")

Byparken's location on a map

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