Muséhagen (The Museum Garden)

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Located next to the University Museum at Nygårdshøyden, the park is very popular among students.

About Muséhagen

Muséhagen was built between 1897-1899 to the specifications of conservator Dr. Jørgen Brunchost. The resulting design consisted of rounded flower beds, lawns and hedges which the locals referred to as "Brunchorst's heart and kidneys". Muséhagen houses a collection of about 3,000 different species. It was University of Bergen's botanical garden untill 1996, when the garden was expanded in a new location (within the Norwegian Arboretum in Milde). Muséhagen has been retained as smaller botantical garden, the 'face' of the University's botanical garden in the city. Students, as well as other members of the community, flock to Muséhagen on nice days to sit and read in the gardens or outside Christie's Cafe (in the University's Natural History Museum) with a cup of coffee. 

How to get to Muséhagen

Muséhagen is a short walk from Byparken, the Bybane's last stop in the city centre. You can use the the Skyss Travel Planner to plan your trip (destination "Byparken"). Click here for walking instructions from Byparken.   

Muséhagen's location on a map

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