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In Nordnesparken, a 20 minute walk from the city centre, you will find a beautiful sea view, the nearby Aquarium and a 10 m high Totem pole!

About Nordnesparken

Nordnes is the name of a park, a neighborhood and a pennisula. The pennisula is surrounded by Byforden ("the city fjord"), Vågen ("the bay") and Puddefjorden. Nordensparken's location at at the northwestern tip of the pennisula of Nordes offers views of these bodies of water as well as the neighborhoods of Laksevåg ("Salmon Bay"), Sandviken, and the island of Askøy. The park also houses a gift from one of Bergen's sister cities: a totem pole from Seattle, WA, USA, gifted to Bergen in 1970 in honor of Bergen's 900 anniversary as a city. On nice days the park is utilized for many activities including picnics, fishing, and swimming in the fjord or at Nordnes Sjøbad (a heated saltwater pool, open seasonally). Bergen Aquarium is conveniently located just outside the park

How to get to Nordnes

Nordesparken is about a 20 minute walk from Byparken's bybane stop.  
You can also take bus number 11 from Olav Kyrres Gate. Use the the Skyss Travel Planner to plan your trip (destination "Nordnesparken (Bergen)").

Nordnesparken's location on a map

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