Photo: Vøringsfossen. Svein Otto Jacobsen. Colourbox.


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Photo: Vøringsfossen. Svein Otto Jacobsen. Colourbox.

Hordaland offers varied natural experiences, including Bergen's own Byfellene (city moutains), Kvamskogen (a ski and recreation area), and a variety of natural beauty around Voss. 

Nature to explore in Hordaland

In addition to the mountains to explore surrounding BergenHordaland also boasts other natural bounties that provide opportunities for skiing, hiking, water sports, skydiving and more. 

The Hardanger area


Voss is one of the most famous winter recreation areas for Norway, but it has outdoor recreation all year round. Rafting, climbing, skydiving, skiing or just flying inside an indoor wind tunnel. Read more information about Voss here

How to get to Hordaland

The good news is that if you are staying in Bergen, you are already in Hordaland! 

Hardanger Region

By Boat
You can get to Rosendal (in Hardanger Region) by boat on Rødne Fjord Cruises' Hardangerfjord Express Boat (about 2 hours).

By Bus
You can get to a number of destinations within the Hardanger Region by local bus (Skyss), including Odda (the starting point for Trolltunga), Route 930 from Bergen Bus Station (about 3 hours). Use Skyss's travel planner to plan your trip.

To get to Kvamskogen you can take bus number 925 and 930 from the Bergen bus station. Use the Skyss Travel Planner to plan your trip. 

For more options for traveling to the Hardanger Region, click here


By Train
Voss is easily accessible by Train (about 1 hour away from Bergen). Plan your trip at NSB's site

By Bus
It is also possible to take the bus to Voss (about 1 hour, 45 minutes), with Nettbuss

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