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Using online tools is a part of everyday life in Norway, just as it is in much of the world. This guide provides you with some tips specific to navigating Bergen's online world. 


While a fair amount of information online is posted in both English and Norwegian, you may find adding a translator to your browser helpful in some cases. There are many options. One of these, google translate, is available as an extension for ChromeFirefox and Opera. If you use a different browser you may wish to do a search for translation extensions or add-ons that are compatible with yoru browser. Although an online translator may not always offer accurate translations, it can be a helpful tool for pages that are only available in Norwegian. 


In Bergen, large-scale events and businesses, such as festivals and the cinema, are likely to have comprehensive dedicated webpages. However, many restaurants, retail outlets, and groups may instead post information and events primarily on Facebook. This makes Facebook a valuable tool for navigating Bergen's student life and social life. Look for Facebook Groups specific to Bergen or by name. Certain groups on Facebook are private. Some private groups are only open to members meeting specific criteria. However, many private groups are open to anyone, you only have to request to join.  The time it takes to get accepted to a group can vary, but it is generally not a long wait. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Connect with your institution or students from your institution:

Connect with other expats:

Check for expat groups in Norway generally. Or look for groups specific to your country, or specific to Bergen.

Find events in Bergen:

Look for organisation specific groups:

  • Student organisations often use Facebook as their main online presence. Search for them by name in Facebook or view our list.
  • Search for political groups, community organisations, restaurants and shops by name in Facebook if you don’t find a website for them.

Study Bergen and Student Bergen

Our pages can get you started connecting online in Bergen.

Maps and Transit online:

Walking and driving instructions for Bergen on google maps appear to be relatively accurate. However, unlike in other cities, google maps has not yet incorporated transit options for Bergen. Bybanen (The Bergen Light Rail) stations are not shown on google maps at all. In order to search bus or light rail routes, you will need to use apps or websites from specific transit companies, primarily Skyss. To read more about transportation in Bergen, take a look at our Guide to Bergen’s Transport page

If you own a car and need information about owning a car in Norway, go to Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Road Administration)  

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