Eating take-away

Photo: Student Bergen

Eating take-away

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Student Bergen

Generally the least expensive option for eating "out" is getting take-out food. 

Take-away or Nattmat (night food)

In Norwegian restaurants buying meals to "ta med" (take-away, literally "take with") generally costs slightly less than eating in the restaurant. This is because the value-added tax (VAT) on food consumed in a restauarant is higher than that for taking food to go. If the weather is agreeable or if you want to picnic at home, getting take-away food might be a more reasonably priced option than eating at a restaurant. Or, you may want to grab something to eat after a night on the town. Norwegians have a word for this type of meal: "nattmat". Nattmat tends to be grab-and-go food such as kebabs, pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers. The following businesses offer reasonably priced take-away food, those that stay open late enough to be considered nattmat options are noted. 

Tre Kroneren

Over 70 years old and popular enough that the public have made their own Facebook page for it, Tre Kroneren is the most famous hot dog stand in the city. Hot dogs range in price and size: NOK 58 - 88. Open late, definitely a nattmat option.
Address: Kong oscars gate 1B

Nirvana Kebab

Considered by many to have the best kebabs in Bergen. Also serves hamburgers and pizza. Prices are in the NOK 70+ range. Nattmat friendly. Nirvana Kebab is often not open until evening, but stays open late. 
Address: Øvregaten 43

La Taqueria

Strives to be authentic mexican cusine, serving tacos, burritos and nachos. Prices range NOK 119-149. Nattmat friendly, open late on Fridays and Saturdays.
Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 6

For more night food options, take a look at the Nattmat guide (in Norwegian) from Bergen's student newspaper, Studvest. 

Lien Asiatisk Matvare

Primarily an international grocery store, but also a great place to grab some tasty and inexpensive spring rolls. NOK about 15 per roll. Not open late. 
Address: Marken 35

Gresk Pai

A small but delicious Greek place. They bake savory Greek pies that are convenient to eat by hand. Prices for tiny mini-pies start at NOK 20. Larger options are around NOK 60. Not open late. 
Address: Jonsvollsgaten 5  

Pasty World

Bergen's closest thing to a food truck. Often in Bergenhus Festning in the summer time, Pasty World is looking for another central location. You can currently pick up a pasty at Finnegan's Irish Pub, or at some local events. Super tasty traditional cornish pasties. Keep your eye on their website for updates.
Address: Finnegans, Chr. Michelsens gate 10


Fish and Chips resturant in the fish market. Prices around NOK 170. Not open late.
Address: Fisketorget i Bergen (seasonally). 

Søstrene Hagelin

Fishcakes, fish soup, fish pudding and fish wraps. Prices around NOK 60-130. Not open late.
Address: Strandgaten 3

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