Force Marsjør Juzz Band & Fotnotene


Force Marsjør Juzz Band & Fotnotene

Written by: Student Bergen


Force Marsjør Juzz-Band is the student orchestra at the Faculty of Law in Bergen, and joined with them is the dance troope Fotnotene.

Force Marsjør Juzz-Band play their instruments dressed in judges robes and wigs. It all started in 1979 with the band, and in the following year Fotnotene came along. Since then, the band and dancers have stayed together and spread joy to various events, such as Oktoberfest and Christmas parties. The group have rehearsals at the Faculty of Law, and outside of rehearsals they also spend a lot of time together, both around Bergen and elsewhere in the country.

The orchestra is made out of the traditional wind instruments and a varied percussion group. Fotnotene welcomes all who would like to dance, and there are no requirements of prior knowledge or skills. All rehearsals are open to anyone.



Everyone is very welcome to join. No Norwegian language skills are required.


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