BTS - Student Society at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

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BTS - Student Society at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: BTS

BTS is an umbrella organisation for students at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. 

BTS, the student society was established as early as 1877. It is an organisation formed and run by students attending Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). They strive to work for HVL students living in Bergen, providing, among other things, a preview of students' anticipated professional careers as well as a myriad of social gatherings to enrich the student community.


BTS Events: Organises events for students of HVL.

BTS Idrett (sports):

BTS Invest: A student group at HVL that manages BTS's investment fund. 

BTS Musikk & Underholdning: A group of committees focused on music and entertainment.

BTS Vinterleker: The Winter Games in Hemsedal.

Næringslivsutvalget: The business committee, works to connect students with industry, arranges events such as the annual Career Day

Regulatoren: The department of BTS that manages BTS traditions.

BTS-Bryr seg: BTS Care is an organisation that gives students a chance to become involved in charitable work.



Not specified. Various criteria for the subgoups.


(each subgroup has an email as well)






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