Photo: Injuria


Written by: Student Bergen

Photo: Injuria

Injuria is the journal of faculty of law and is published six times annually.

As a journalist for Injuria, you get the opportunity to write both academic and amusing texts. There are no permanent guidelines about what issues must be covered, giving journalists a large editorial freedom. 
Injuria’s photographers are important for the magazine because they have a large focus on documenting much of the activity at the faculty in pictures. 

The typographers make sure that all the material to a final result. Without the typography, there is no journal! Injuria places a lot of focus on social events for its members. There are “release parties”, cabin trips, a Christmas party and a summer ceremony. 

You don’t need to have any experience to join, as training will be provided. You should however be interested in making a journal. If you would like to find out if Injuria is something for you, you can attend one of the meetings. They are held on Thursdays at 16.00, on the fourth floor of the faculty of law. Here you can either attend the editorial meeting or colloquium on writing where you get to write your texts with input and advice from others.



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