How to start a student organisation

A student organisation is a collaboration of students doing something on a volunteer basis. Are you a group of students with common interests or goals? Or do you have a commitment to a cause you want to work for on a voluntary basis? Do you want to contribute to the student community in Bergen? These are all good reasons to start a new student organisation.

Before starting your own student organisation, take a look at StudentBergen to see if a similar organisation or association already exists.

Foto: Hanna Sorrell

Before you register your new student organisation…

- Choose the student organisation´s name.
- Determine the purpose of the student organisation.
- Write the student organisations' articles of association.
- Find board members of the student organisation.
- Set a budget for the semester - possibly the entire school year. At Sammen you will find financials for budget and accounting for student organisations (only in Norwegain).
- Invite to a founding meeting – This is where you talk about what the organisation will focus on, and which laws or statutes you should have. 

Register the Student Organisation

In order to register an association, you must fill in the form entitled 'Coordinated register notification'. The form is submitted online in Altinn. Alternatively, you can use the paper form from The Brønnøysund Register Centre (in Norwegian only). It's important to register at the Brønnøysund Register Centre in order to get an organisation number, which allows you to open a bank account for your association.

Register for financial support from Kulturstyret

In order to apply for financial support from Kulturstyret, the student organisation needs to be registered at Kulturstyret. Thereafter you can register for financial support by filling in the application on their website. The information is currently in Norwegian only, but you can also contact Kulturstyret via email.

Apply for an account at StudentBergen

All student organisations in Bergen can apply for an account at StudentBergen. Once you get access, you can add and edit information about your organisation and upcoming events.