An organisation run by advanced law students. The object is to offer free legal aid and survey the public need for legal aid.

Jussformidlingen are bound to professional secrecy with regards to all information they recieve, both by telephone and during client-meetings. All of the case-working that takes place at Jussformidlingen is in written form. The letters from Jussformidlingen goes through a quality assurance; all letters are approved by an internal commission at Jussformidlingen. Jussformidlingen offer aid within almost all legal matters related to civil law, but do not assist with criminal law.

Who can join?

Law students who have completed the third year of the law studies at UiB or another Norwegian university. Everyone is welcome to receive assistance from Jussformidlingen.


Sydneshaugen 10, 5007 Bergen


Phone: 55 58 96 00

Opening hours:
Monday – Tuesday: 9-15
Wednesday – Thursday: 9-17
Friday: Closed

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