Finance advisors

Økonomiformidlingen offers counseling and advices concerning personal finance, free of charge.

Økonomiformmidlingen (Finance advisors) operate primarily in the Bergen area, and also offer service via e-mail and telephone. They are determined to increase the general knowledge about personal finance by establishing themselves as a professional and visible actor in the region. In addition to the advisory activities, the group focus on preventive measures in the form of lectures on personal finance in local high schools. Økonomiformidlingen convey their ideas through the media, and regularly contribute with relevant advices in student newspaper columns.

Økonomiformidlingen consists of about 20 dedicated and capable students with the challenging task of helping people with financial difficulties, but also offer services to clients with less complicated cases. The advisors receive valuable experience in communicating information through a simple and understandable manner, all the while acquiring knowledge about issues related to personal finance. Both public and private actors have been welcoming, and they are all under the impression that Økonomiformidlingen will have a bright future.

Who can join?

Students at NHH. Speaking and writing Norwegian fluent is a requirement. However, it is possible to receive advices from Økonomiformidlingen in English.

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