Bergen Student Radio

Outdoor broadcast from 2019

Bergen Student Radio

Bergen Student Radio (Studentradioen i Bergen) - Bergens oldest local radio channel, with over 200 members!

SRIB broadcasts radio 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most of the programs are in Norwegian, but some semesters the student radio also have english-speaking programs, or Norwegian-speaking programs with some content in english made by international students.

We need members to create radio, but we also have a PR-department, a technical department and a news desk who moderate our website. 

There's something for everyone at SRIB!


Listen to us on DAB+, FM 107.8, our website or your preferred podcasting app!


Who can join?

Most of the members are Norwegian-speaking, but they also welcome international students to fill out an application form to join in the beginning of each semester


Studentsenteret, Parkveien 1



Telefon: 55545106