Five reasons to join a student society and club

To get more out of your stay in Bergen, why not join a student organisation? There are over 170 different organisations, which cover everything from sports to arts, politics and entrepreneurship. Most of them are open to all students, while a few are institution specific. What they all have in common is that they are run by students, for students.

  1. Finding friends. You are guaranteed to meet new people! Joining a student organisation will boost your social life – especially if you participate actively in board or committee work, or in organising events and activities. 
  1. Improve your Norwegian. Joining a student organisation is a really good way to get to know Norwegian students. Therefore, it is also a perfect arena for practising your Norwegian skills! 
  1. Improve your skills or get new ones. Be bold and try something new, or something that you didn’t think you would end up with. Always wanted to try radio, but haven’t dared? Or singing in a choir?  Why not try it out? You might hit a few bumps on the road, but at least you gave it a try! And you never know, your new skills may turn out to be useful in your private or professional life later on. 
  1. Important experience for your CV. Experience from a student organisation is a great advantage when you are applying for jobs. It shows your ability to organise and work as part of a team, and employers love that! 
  1. Passion. Whether you already have something you are passionate about, or you are looking for something new, joining a student organisation is great opportunity to delve into your interests. No matter what your interests are, you are bound to find others with the same passion. Shared fun is doubled fun! 

To find out which organisation is the one for you, check out the Student Organsiation fair in Grieghallen 18th of August 2022, or check out our complete list of student organisations in Bergen! 

Not all the student organisations have an English page, but feel free to contact them directly if you are interested in joining!